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Triple Moon Creative is here to give you a little bit of everything, but mostly information on everything magical, metaphysical and mental health. This is all tied together ultimately, and I feel like sharing my journey can help someone else.

After years of searching and trying to find my path, I finally (at 41 years of age) feel like this is it. Helpin others find their way. I hope this blog will not only act as an outlet for me to share but also turn into so much more. But with every new chapter in life, there is a beginning and with that are nervous feelings and "not 100% sure what the hell I am doing feelings."

I have spend more time trying to figure out what my path is, that I am not living it. So I am going for it. With this blog first, then we shall see where it takes us (us meaning you and me). I've learned a lot in life thus far, but I know there is so much more.

Wish me luck!



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