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Fall 2023 News!

Updated: Feb 25

We are officially back open! We are Jen & Kaelyn if you were wondering. Jen is the creator and Kae is the new maker.

Welcome Kae to the team!

Kae is a freshman in high school, and she lives in coastal Georgia. We are just about 6 hours from each other right now. Kae loves reading, she LOVES playing video games, and she is learning ice-skating. Kae was very creative growing up, she loved painting and making things. So we know she will enjoy this new adventure.

Jen is also usually the blogger so I will stop talking in 3rd person now. Ha ha. I am so excited and nervous to open back up. Excited to be doing this with my niece. Nervous that it wont be everything she is hoping. When it comes to this business, I suffer from imposter syndrome and mostly because so many others are also doing the same thing, and I wonder how I will succeed. I started making bracelets during the pandemic in 2020 because I love crystals, and I learned of their healing powers. I also suffer from anxiety and panic disorder, so immersing myself in all things crystals seemed fitting. When I started sharing about my mental health and how the crystals have make me feel, I started connecting with others even more.

I make the bracelets thoughtfully and with intention. They are not mass produced, they are handmade in my home. That is why they cost a little more than the ones you find on Amazon or Temu. I am also careful where I buy the beads and crystals so that they are ethically sourced. Everything we do here, is with positive and healing intentions.

Kae (my niece) is joining me and is going to be making bracelets! I will make the necklaces, and macrame bracelets. As we get more products made, we will update the store and on social media.

Shout to everyone who has been in my corner since the beginning! You know who you are and you mean so much to me. I have learned its about quality of friendship, not quantity. Thank you!

Love to everyone,


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