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Crystal healing offers something for everyone. All crystals have properties that aid in natural healing. Each crystal below are typically found in items I sell. If there is a special crystal not listed and you would like information on, please email me.



Amethyst helps purify and protect both the physical and spiritual bodies. It helps to let go of unhealthy thought and behavior patterns and purifies the energy field of one's body. This stone is an all around healer. Calms the mind and relieves stress. 



Amazonite is known as the lucky hope stone, as it will be lucky for all your hopes and dreams. This stone brings calming and soothing energy, especially in times of stress. Known to assist with speaking your truth, this stone gives you courage. Blocks geopathic stress and absorbs microwave and cell phone emanations.



Angelite works with your throat and third eye chakra. This stone brings peace, awareness, telepathy and healing. Angelite facilitates conscious contact with the angelic realm. Healing stone that transmutes disorder into wholeness.


Hematite focuses on your root chakra and is all about grounding and power. Boosts self-esteem and survivability, enhances willpower, and a huge confidence booster. 

Aids in overcoming compulsions and addictions.



Howlite is one of the best stones for anxiety. This stone works on your patience and memory. It helps with insomnia and an overactive mind. This stone teaches patience and helps eliminate rage, pain, and stress. Must cleanse this stone after every stressful encounter.



Labradorite, a stone of transformation and protection. This crystal helps banish fears, insecurities, and any psychic debris from previous disappointments - strengthening trust in the universe. A useful companion while going through changes, imparting strength and perseverance.



Apatite is a stone of manifestation. This stone will assist you in turning your ideas into reality. Increases motivation to achieve your goals. Apatite is associated with the throat chakra and aids in self-expression. Boosts creativity, imagination and intellect. 


Indian Agate

Indian Agate comes in a variety of colors including muted reds, yellows, dark blue, and navy blue. The dominant color will always be green. Green minerals have a strong association with the earth, and they naturally bring harmony and peace to any given space. Heals and calms the body and soul, relieves stress and anxiety. Improves concentration, and stops desires for things we do not need. 



Obsidian removes and absorbs negative energy. Reduces pain, and gives relief from depression. This volcanic glass is a highly protective stone, can be used as a scrying tool. 

Earth stone that works with the root chakra for grounding.


Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is known as a "lucky" Talisman or "Stone of Opportunity" for its good luck properties. Its deeper purpose is to help you release old habits and patterns so you are ready for new opportunities and growth to move forward with confidence.


Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye is a stone of protection and healing. Helps one to remain calm and courageous. Enhances confidence, willpower and integrity. Bring good luck and prosperity. Works with Sacral & Root Chakra. 


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz gives you exactly what you see, love. Unconditional love toward yourself and others. Forgiveness and compassion. Assists in overcoming heartbreak. 

Meditation with the heart chakra.



Lepidolite offers patience, clarity, stress relief, and emotional balance. This stone is known to bring hope in dark times by providing a sense of calm and balance. Enhances self-love and optimism.

Crystal Care: Moon, Sun, Smudging, Sound and Reiki.



Sodalite works with your throat chakra to assist you in speaking your truth. Sodalite stimulates the mind and consciousness to create enhanced intuition, creativity, and powers of analysis and observation. Assists in staying calm during stressful times and helpful in public speaking.

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