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Turn off Technology

It does seem depression and anxiety is more prevalent these days than it used to be. I've often wondered why which has allowed me to believe its not JUST a chemical imbalance.

From my experience - everything around us influences our mental health. From the movies we watch, to music; including our overall physical health. If we are lacking in any vitamins, we are affected somehow. If we do not get enough exposure to sun, we are affected. So many variables control our mental health.

As I have gotten older, health benefits became more important. I started having panic and anxiety in 2010. Out of the blue. I was also an alcoholic. I had been self medicating for years before. So I had no idea if the anxiety and panic were from my overall health or lack thereof. Realizing I didnt want to die, I decided to finally get a primary doctor and get a full physical done. I felt all out of sorts.

That was the beginning of my journey to getting better. I finally quit drinking in 2015. Now sober, I was able to REALLY feel everything. I still had panic attacks.

In 2014, I had a surgery to remove a huge tumor/cyst from my life ovary. I had been diagnosed previously with PCOS. My hormone levels were all off. My body was a hot mess.

Forward to today. Sober 6 years and my female parts are finally working better than they ever have. My anxiety and panic are under control for the most part, but I still have an attack now and then. I am overweight still and I am logged into some sort of technology every day, all day. The largest difference in our lives since the increase in depression and anxiety is technology. We have allowed it to take over and leave behind the outside world.

I used to play outside, ride my bike everyday, walk in the woods, sit at the beach. I used to drive around with my friends. We did stuff! Today, we text or message each other on Facebook. Seriously, there has to be a connection here with too much tech and all of this anxiety. Anxiety is fear, and staring at your phone waiting on the next notification is driving you crazy.

I think the best way to find out is limit our screen times. Allow more time to connect with the earth and have a friend or partner that you can do this with. Most jobs require us to be online most of our day, so the best thing we can do for ourselves is start putting down our devices! Otherwise, you will never know if technology is the catalyst for your anxiety. Its worth a try.


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