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The Shift of 2020

A year most of us will never forgot. It was some sort of strange shit show from the start to the very end. Most times while we are caught up in the storm, we dont see the silver lining. I remember someone telling me back in 2012 that a shift in the collective conscious was going to happen. That it was starting to happen then. I had wondered many times what it would look like.

In my minds eye, the shift was a worldwide spiritual awakening. It would only happen to those who were truly connected to the process of yin and yang. Those who understood the earth and our true life purpose. Those people would help shift others and so on.

What is the shift? Its the awakening. It is seeing the world for what it truly is instead of what you may have been taught or conditioned to think it is. Unfortunately many generations of people teach each of their own what they have learned, whether it's right or wrong and that information gets passed down and becomes truth to many. What our family teaches is not necessarily always true. It just happens to be what they were taught.

The ego will come in and cause many to remain ignorant because ego does not like to be wrong! When you awaken and become vulnerable, the ego becomes less. When you accept that you have to change, or admit your mistakes, the ego diminishes. Does it ever go away? I dont think that is possible, but it is possible to have less ego. Ego is just apart of our psyche. The ego grows when someone is very sure of themselves when their words have no educational value. The ego never apologizes. So it takes alot of courage for those who have a large ego to admit their mistakes. But, a huge burden is then lifted off their back and they will feel a deep sadness. We should encourage those with the big ego that it is okay and safe to be honest and admit faults.

2020 was the year this shift began, and more will continue to shift throughout time. We have had 100 years or more of such monetary and consumer based mentalities. We thrived on greed and power. We were taught that success is measure on how much money you make. This is absolutely false. Our purpose on this earth is not to be rich with money or fame. I truly believe that we are a soul having a human experience. When the body dies, our souls move on to something else.

I emplore everyone to take time out and really figure out what impact they want to leave behind. What kind of love they really want to have felt during this lifetime. Spend less time worrying about "stuff" and more time opening your heart to give and receive love. In the take nothing with you...not even your body.

Love & Light,


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