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The Journey to Relocate...

We have completed our move to NC!

What a journey. Spring has really been complete transformation for me and my husband.

We lost our dog, Max on Memorial Day. The entire weekend was a nightmare, filled with stress and heartache. Max was our child, and we had 10 amazing years with him and had no idea that we wouldn't have more. I still have guilt to this day for making the decision to put him down. I also blame the vet for not giving us more options and doing more for him. But...that is just something that I have to move on with and let go. I have to remember the amazing dog Max was and be grateful for the love he gave us. Let me just say, you do not just get over losing a pet like this. I legit feel like a family member has passed away, and every day I think about him and still cry.

Moving forward, I was offered a job in NC after many interviews, and I took it with the support of our family and friends. We had little time to move, so we hustled. We gave notices and packed up the loft. Talk about being on high anxiety for weeks at a time.

This move was harder than we anticipated. We spent 5 years at Harvester Artist Lofts and they were truly life changing years for us. We grew, we found amazing friendships, and created a comfortable home. It was'nt perfect, but it was balanced. I created this business there during COVID. I found myself here.

We packed up, said our goodbyes and hit the road.

Peace out Council Bluffs, IA - it was fun! I was pleasantly surprised with this area, and did love the scenery. It is a beautiful area if you get the chance to visit.

We made our way to Durham, NC about 3 days later - we took our time and I had some panic attacks along the way - but we made it!

Getting settled in still and dealing with so many emotions. We still miss Max so much, we are trying to create our comfort zone in our new apartment, and I am trying to adjust to the new job. LOTS OF CHANGE. Who does that? I think for me, being such an anxious person, doing these moves, helps me get out of my comfort zone. I feel vulnerable and exposed and I need that sometimes.

Thanks to my husband for driving and unpacking our U-Haul. This was something he did ALONE without help. He is a rockstar. I know this move has definitely put stress on our relationship as well, but why wouldn't it? We push through, and ultimately know that we have each other's backs no matter what. That is a partnership. We are a team. Nothing is perfect. We dont give up, we just work through it.

Thanks for listening....what a journey this has been. I am hopeful that we will settle in the NC area, just not sure where yet....the woods preferably lol. So stay tuned!

With Love,


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