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The Dark Feminine

"The dark feminine is one-half of the divine feminine. She is not the negative, shadow aspect of the feminine but rather the dark, fiery, transformation aspect of womanhood. The birth, death, and rebirth cycle is at the center of our story as women and at the center of mother earth."

Dark Feminine Traits

  • Passionate

  • Creative

  • Seductive

  • Authentic

  • Fearless

  • Powerful

  • Alchemy

  • Magnetic

  • Fierce

  • Transformational

There is definitely a line between your dark feminine traits and having disempowered dark feminine energy. Some woman will display:

  • Codependence

  • Being over-dramatic

  • Lack of confidence or self-worth

  • Struggling to set boundaries

  • Manipulating others rather than speaking the truth

  • Having sex or using sex with low self-esteem to gain attention or to feel temporarily wanted.

  • Faking an organsm

As woman, we are often taught to bury our anger or true sexual desires, as well as our power because its not "ladylike." We are taught that our worth and value is tied to how attractive we are to men and that we exist to support men and raise children.

Ways to connect more to your Dark Feminine power is to get in touch with the natural earth more. Practice self-love. Work on healing any feminine wounds. Woman were taught to turn on each other instead of bonding because of the power woman have. How do you show up for other woman in your life? Is it a competition? Find out why and resolve. Meet your shadow side, known as your subconscious. This is where we bury thoughts, emotions, desires, trauma, shame and wounds. Shadow work is known for this, to meet and heal all of these wounds. Meditate more and open your heart with yourself and others. When you live your life wide open, you bring peace into your world and establish more authentic connections.

With Love,

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