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The "Bad B!tch" Bracelet

Lepidolite + Obsidian + Hematite = Bad B!tch

She is the calm within the storm, the "Eye of the Hurricane" if you will.

The purple stone is Lepidolite, and is full of calm and ease from stress and anxiety. This crystal is all about emotional balance. Water is an emotional element (most water signs can relate). When envisioning the power, picture yourself in the eye of a hurricane. In the calm space with the beautiful blue sky above you the storm not touching you. You have confidence of going anywhere and remaining within that beautiful space.

Hematite, is your confidence and self-esteem booster. Obsidian is fire, courage, manifestation and protection from bad energy. Hematite and Obsidian are grounding stones, that which will keep your head in the game and feet on the ground.

Obsidian and Lepidolite will need to be cleansed often. You can cleanse under the full moon once a month, but would also recommend cleansing with Palo Santos and/or Sage daily if you wear daily for more activation of the energy. Another powerful cleansing tool is earth, you can bury your stones in the dirt (not potted plant dirt, directly in the ground) for 24 hours.

I hope you enjoy this combination of crystals.

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