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Gemstone Jewelry

It is really what brought me here, making Gemstone Jewelry. I have always been a little witchy, but it was only recently that I started gravitating towards crystals. Now I am hooked! Not only are they gorgeous, but the energy they give you has so many benefits. While they are placed around my house and look like beautiful decor, they are protecting my family and keep my home free of bad energy.

I had purchased some gemstone bracelets, and was like...I can make these! I have always had an affinity to jewelry, especially handmade. So here are some images of things I have made that I wanted to share.

I can custom make just about any type of gemstone bracelet. I do have to sell them for a higher price on my Etsy due to fees and shipping. So if you see something you like on here or my social media, just message or email me and I am happy to ship direct for less cost.

Thank you for being here and supporting my little dream.

Jewelry Images:

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