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Updated: May 24, 2021

In my mind, when I have an idea, it evolves from baby stages to brand, to the future vision usually all in a few minutes. I think very hard on the creation of an idea, sometimes just overthinking it to death and then I throw my hands up in the air and put it down for a few days.

In my mind, I wanted to create something that could offer enlightenment, conversation, and perhaps a service. I know I cant make an income off just conversation and ideas. I am a photographer, so I also wondered how to wrap that into this concept that also involves mental wellness. How to be one brand and encompass all of my passions?

Many will tell you to "niche" down when starting a business, but I cant!

I started making gemstone bracelets last year in 2020 during the pandemic. I wanted to start doing something to keep me busy in the winter months when hanging outside was no longer an option due to the snow. I started making bracelets for friends as gifts at first. Then I started changing types of cord and stretch cords that I was using to make them better. Then I found a gemstone bead wholesale company. Then I was making earrings and necklaces. Now I run a small jewelry business from a desk in my living room.

Gemstones promote healing and healing offers a conversation that leads into mental wellness. I can share my personal journey and what works for me in hopes that it will help others.

Today, I have an Etsy page! I created it about a month ago and it has been going pretty well. I mean, I cant quite retire yet. I decided to quit overthinking it all and just go for it because you have to start somewhere. I kept envisioning the far future instead of just the immediate present moment. Lets make a bracelet, and sell it. I always loved the Triple Moon and created my own logo using Photoshop. I wanted to change it so many time, and I am sure it will also evolve. But, I had to start somewhere.

I want to post and engage more, that is a goal. I have been doing so much for others for so long and I feel its time to really focus on my goals. I want to create a network of amazing people that support each other and understand the journey to enlightenment takes work. Together, we will learn and create a safe and positive tribe.


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