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Some describe their awakening as "woke" which would feel like you woke up and see the world around you differently for the first time. Everything you were ever told or that you were taught is in question.

Imagine if you will, being a baby or child, and not having control over the information that is told to you - your brain just absorbs it all like a sponge. As a child, you don't know if this information is truth or fiction since you have only been exposed to the people who have raised you. The information you receive and download into your subconscious and "learn" is that of only the people who are raising you. What if those people hate black people? What if those people are addicts? What if those people have their own trauma? You are now filled with their trauma and emotion.

Some people do not realize they have, in fact, been brainwashed in a way. You think of brainwashing as a bad thing, but it is just training of the brain to feel and act a certain way. You were told, as a child, not to lie right? So you should have grown up to know that lying is bad. Same concept.

The awakening is the feeling that your life feels false. You crave meaning and purpose. You question everything. You should feel the need to search for truths outside of what you were taught. You observe everyone, every religion, every idea. You realize that the books you read were written by someone who may have got it all wrong, especially the text books in school. You may have been taught with an agenda...

2020 is giving you an opportunity to WAKE UP! At any age, you can wake up and be more open minded to seeing the world with new eyes. But you have to understand Ego. The ego is inside of your mind, and it is that talk in your mind that tells you "no, I am right, everyone else is wrong." Ego also says things like, "I am right and there is nothing you can say to change my mind." To grow, you have to be receptive to the idea that you MIGHT be wrong after all. If you do not allow yourself to change your thoughts, you will not change the mind that has been brainwashed.

Empathy is when you put yourself in someone else's shoes. You imagine your life as theirs. This gives you the opportunity to help and understand what other people are going through. Just because you are not feeling the affects of something, doesn't mean you can't be an advocate for others. We have to stop being selfish.

Most liberal and progressive people are the way they are because they care about other people. The labels we have put on people today just make it easy for us to catergorize people in boxes so we can choose whether or not we want to like them. At the core of everyone, we all want the same things. Security, love, success, peace, health...but some people feel in order to obtain this we have to make a certain amount of money.

Our life here on earth as humans has gone in the wrong direction. We have collectively been brainwashed to follow this high power of greed and consumerism. This is NOT how we should have evolved. So many of us have "woke" up and are trying to change the future because we know the path we are all on right now is the path to destruction. We are killing our earth, and the people here all for money. It is time to wake up and reprogram our brains and thoughts. We have to raise the next generations to care, and to be empathetic. If we dont, we will continue to live in this turmoil and become a hateful and angry world.

At the end of the day, its all about love. We need to love more. But this takes time and practice. You have to be mindful of your thoughts and actions everyday in order to change. It does not happen over night.

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