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A celestial journal for tracking astrological transits and mapping your cosmic journey. This journal includes writing prompts for seasonal and astrological events, including the Seasons, Planetary Retrogrades, New and Full Moons, and Zodiac Seasons of the year.


As you move through these events in real-time, you're invited to reflect on the energy they bring up for you and how you feel, helping you uncover more layers about yourself and your deepest desires. There are blank journal pages for days where there is no major astrological or seasonal event. These pages include spaces for noting the moon phase and sign, the season, your tarot or oracle card of the day, and any sign or symbols that you came across. Over time, you'll begin to build a reference guide that helps you orient yourself on your path home.


The Pathfinding Journal is undated so you can pick it up and put it down as often as you wish.

The Pathfinding Journal

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